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hostap on Linux Zaurus


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Link: http://hpcgi3.nifty.com/malfunction/piloweb.cgi

PlanexのGW-CF11XというCFタイプのIEEE 802.11bカード(生のZaurusでは、linux-wlan-ngドライバで利用可能だが、WEPのみサポート。PCのドライバだとWPA(TKIP)OKらしい)を使って、Linux Zaurus上で、hostapドライバでWPA可能な形で使おうと考え中。


Some of the new Prism3-based cards use a smaller flash chip that does
not include full firmware for the card. For example, D-Link DWL-650
rev. P1 and D-Link DWL-520 rev. E1 are such cards. These cards require
that the firmware is downloaded to the card during initialization. See
utils/hostap_fw_load for example commands on doing this.



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