aircraft-manager for DELL mini 10v/9/12

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There are updated ubuntu packages for DELL mini 10/10v/12/9. You can use this with improve 'airplane mode' to control switch of recharge of Battery.

In default, by entering airplane mode with aircraft-manager, you might be surprised that DELL mini don't charge battery anymore!

After you replace this package, you can easily understand behavior of aircraft-manager.

source and binary packages are followings:





Wireless access in Japan

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Today I recieve a mail from Debian user who is about to come to Japan for business trip.
He plan to rent A2502 HSDPA wireless modem for connection.

> I saw your posting from 2008 about the A2502 and wonder if you know if
> that patch is now in the standard kernel (2.6.29-2-686, debian
> specifically:).
Yes, the patch is in the mainline kernel in Aug, 2008;a=commitdiff;h=f8033827d8e92db6159d34ed45c608522674ecd8

> I am about to head to japan for 2 weeks of business
> travel and was looking at renting an A2502 but dont' want to if it won't
> work or if I need to get online to get patches.
I see it .

The 'Unlimited' data service need a preproetary stack software on the supported OS, Windows and Mac.
My patch support a lower layer, recognize as normal modem, but do not provide such a stack.
If you want to use 'unlimited data service', you are forced to use another OS rather than Debian Linux :-(

You may want to use Debian GNU/Linux with it, you may be charged 'EXPRESS PACKET PLAN' rate.

I recommend for you to use a wifi service such as FON, FON-livedoor, mobile point, and FREESPOT,
(cf. in metropolitan area, on conbination with a data card.
Livedoor which is commercial wifi provider support FON user without charge in their service area.
A mobile-point wifi can be used by daily/2W/3M ID slip, 1000Yen/2W, sold in convenience stores, 'family mart'.
It is provided on many public building and restaurant such as stations, subways and fast food shop.

git メモ

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SS2009 keynote

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ものづくり がよくいわれているが、こえれからは、ことづくり= サービスである。マーケティングでは、よく物語を売るという話をしている。



 個人を支援をわりと多く行う。 ではなくて、群ユーザ、人のかたまりを支援していく、ということが必要である。フルデマンドバスの例。航空管制でも、飛行機同士がマルチエージェントで処理すれば、おもしろいことができるはず。全体最適。



  • 情報処理の導入によって作業の効率化がすすむと、余暇に振り向けられるのではなく、よい生活のためではなく、労働強化になっていないか。経済原理に従うと自然な帰結であるが、そうではない生き方を考えていかないといけないとおもう。社会のデザインを根本的にやるべきである。
  • 利便性・安全性・プライバシーは両立しない:これをどうするか、考えたい。

B2evolution and i18n

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I love b2evolution unless it have weakness on handling character encoding on non-latin environment.
It should handle internal code rather carefully than current implementation. on Symbian

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I found I can enjoy on Symbian/Nokia smart phones.
I have E61 and I wanna try mobbler on my E61, that is on S60 3rd.

The mobbler seems to be I18n-ed and translated to many languages.
I will be contribute to translate it.

Kernel panic with ubuntu 8.04 on Dell Insprion mini 12

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When trying to use cell phone modem through bluetooth connection, I got kernel panic.
It can be reproducible by "hcitool info <bdaddr>" which see nokia cell phone.

I cannot find a cause now, but similar problem have already reported on
linux-kernel-list: Kernel oops with bluetooth usb dongle .

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