try creating ping plugin for b2evo

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I try to create ping plugin.
It is easy because I just change url of ping-b2evo plugin.

OSDL Old site

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According to merging OSDL to FSG, former OSDL web contents is going to new URL

It is not clear just seeing new which is forced-redirected from

Free Standards Group and OSDL to merge

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It is supprising news that the standardization organization - FSG: Free Standards Group and OSDL that known as NPO where Linus Torvalds working, go into single organizatino - The Linux Foundation.

Jim Zemlin, formely FSG CEO, becomes the CEO of new foundation.

Press said

Why The Linux Foundation Now

Since OSDL and the FSG were each formed more than six years ago, Linux has grown significantly in server, desktop, and embedded usage around the world. Moreover, the open source model has transformed development by providing faster demand-side learning, higher quality, better security, shorter development cycles, and lower prices than closed platform development models. OSDL and the FSG were important forces behind open source adoption and played key roles in preventing fragmentation of the Linux market.

For Linux to remain open and attain the greatest ubiquity possible, important services must be provided, including legal protection, standardization, promotion and collaboration. Successful proprietary software companies, for instance, do several important things well: backwards compatibility, promotion, interoperability, developer support, and more. In the voluntary and distributed world of Linux development, the industry continues to successfully use the consortia model to rapidly improve these value attributes for Linux. The Linux Foundation has been founded to help close the gap between open source and proprietary platforms, while sustaining the openness, freedom of choice and technical superiority inherent in open source software.

SPAM using Plone vulunerbility?

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Recently, I got many SPAM post with the site URL which is hosted by Plone. I have wandered it and find the description how and why to do it.

This is an old, old vulnerability that only exists in the Plone 2.0.x series.

It was fixed over a year ago, and the site in question is running a version of Plone that is between 18 and 24 months old as of August 2006.

Not much we can do about people that don't update their sites and stay current on security, unfortunately. If you try your JS redirection trick on any current Plone version (2.1, 2.5), you'll see that it doesn't work.

I want to request Mr.Administrator of plone site, please care your site rather than host spam redirect page and parasite SEO.

For example, I got some URL list posted as SPAM comment, such as Cleveland Area Python Interest Group, who is ordinal user group.
Followings are similar site which is hosted by plone;

unknown agent 'PHP/proxy-upk 1.0.0' and smartfilter category

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I have recieved report my friend cannot access my blog from high school, because this server IP address have been registerd in smartfilter, a content filter, as 'Nudity'. He is a high school teacher. He knows me and my blog well, so he wonders why categorize Nudity.

I don't know why. This site hosts several domains where are owned by my friends. For sharing, we have promised the rule such as no-commercial, no-nudity and no-violence.

I tryed to see some images that we host, which found by using 'locate jpg' command. But could not find anything like nudity.

Next, I afraid that someone intrused our server and put some nudity file! So I searched our IP address but not found anything without this blog, a notepet , said that is a dedicated Linux server with a couple of hosted sites (, and all run by Momokuri, a Japanese Developer devoted to Open Source and Linux.

Ouch, this 'momokuri' is me! We host not only my own domains also other domains that are almost 100 domains. That is reason, I don't know such a agent name. I am user belongs to wheel group who can have root previledge.

OK, I want to know who are try to access using php-proxy-upk site-checker. Of course, I've also requested to smartfilter site to remove our IP address.

Japanese Govt Boosts OSS Developments(Mar, 2005)

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Over 16 month ago, IPA has catched eyes of slashdotters. The title was 'Japanese Govt Boosts OSS Developments'.

Many slashdotters had talk how govt should enforce or interact OSS activity.

IPA have accelarated the project of enforcing OSS named 'IPA OSS center'(Link in Japanese only) 1-year after slashdotters had been intersted in.
The OSS center have never published web page in English but many projects have already started. (IPA have published still a quite old page)

For example, they have launched several project such as 'Enhancement of for Japanese users', 'Study of object exchange architecture in cross-desktop environment' and 'OSS iPedia - OSS general information service includes case study, performance evaluation, and Q&A service.'

The first one, enhancement, is the continous project with feasibility test by Ninomiya local-govt. It focuses Japanese users by researching requirement/comments from users especially from local-govt. After then the project make technical description of recommended features and will propose the features to developers.

Most interesting one is 'the kernel message database'. They try to create the web database service that user can search the messages linux kernel warned and can see the place of the problem and recommended actions.
It includes all messages of linux kernel source and public service.
At start time, it is only in Japanese but they have the plan to extend internationalize and to help developers / users in the world.

From CHANGI Singapore International Airport

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ANA Lounge is poor I regreted my airplane selection to leave from singapore, because of such a poor ANA Lounge that I discouraged more than Mar-Lion, which is said world 3 worst discouragement. In CHANGI Airport, many traveler said the world finest lounge is Singapore Airline's one. But, ANA one is world's po-oooo-orest lounge in my past experiences. It shares rooms with China airlines. No shower, no amusement, no surprise at drink....etc. OK, if I have a chance to go to Singapore, I will select Singapore Airline to come back Japan.
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